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optimum dribbling used in basketball to hit and penetrate the ball towards the defender's hips, which is the easiest way to pass the defender by playing the center of gravity and balance. the ball is dribbled from one hand to the other with a lower dribble than below the knee height, and the second dribble is immediately taken to the defender's hip level. allen iverson uses a pre-crossover head fake while developing his unique style and turns the defender's psychology upside down.


the name given to the coming together of the heroes of two or more universes in fiction. although it is a technique used mostly in comics, it can be seen in other genres as well.


the state of playing in football in basketball.


http://video site/watch?v=n5rv4atufwe if there is something better, let it come.


send to the grocery store in basketball


it is an event related to genetics, which is "crossing-over" in french and is read exactly as "crossing-over". other funny words from english to french: le week-end le hamburger (of course guys read it as "amburger")


today's rising value in the automotive industry. stealing from the customers of station wagon users, who are always the majority in europe after the exploding suv fashion. class. example; (see: infiniti fx series)


in basketball, the movement of changing the running direction while passing the ball from one hand to the other by bouncing it forward.