creation of the human race by the anunnaki

creation of the human race by the anunnaki

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read at night. i'm going to summarize, these were 5 meters. created man. the reasons for being born were golden. (look, this is very interesting) because the central bank reserves were about to run out. they have debts. then they went down to the world and became the contractor of the pyramids and revived the construction industry. they fixed the economy. after leaving the pyramids to us and taking our gold, they got on those beautiful spaceships :/


okay, but who created the anunnaki then? it's a questionable theory. also; -lar, -ler suffix is not separated by apostrophe.


zecharia sitch's lie. editing: upon his request for the third goal of both teams, the visual materials used in the first entry are his photographs with edits in an archaeological photography competition.


for the alien series (see prometheus) kaminoan for the star wars universe


(bkz: brother it's late, go to bed now if you want)


the claim of the article that i stopped reading after seeing the photo of the giant skeleton with photoshop. edit on incoming messages: dear little ridley scottists.. this and a lot of fake photos like this have been floating around the net for years. you pay 2300 favs to an author who shows this photo as proof.. interesting. there was also a photo of the girl who turned into a mouse. edit: there is information that very tall people lived in ancient times. need to examine.


it is a theory that is no different from any religion, due to the available data and its scientific status. why not? it would not mean to call the annunaki nonsense if we don't have so much religious or earthly religion. let them come too, let them stay on the side. :)