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cover collection campaign

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the event that has now turned into a frenzy; you say the one who jumps on the rails and collects caps while waiting at the train station, you say those who turn 5 liter water bottles into blue caps on every corner and collect caps, you say who on the bus today looks at the water bottle that is nearly finished and says "if i don't need a cap, can i buy it", this campaign is now buying wheelchairs for the disabled. i think it has completed its phase, it seems that someone is giving good money to those who bring blue caps.


hah, writing is destined to this day: it took place in the akp period. what a beautiful thing we have been put in place, right? for all this time, someone who has knowledge about the subject did not come out and explain, "but this is the truth of the matter", good luck. use by a society


in Üsküdar, the campaign was promoted with plastic containers hung on the trunk of almost every tree, especially thanks to sensitive tradesmen.

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