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service fee, which you can avoid by taking bread, water, forks, spoons and plates with you. this time the damn restaurant takes that money as "cooking fee"; it's separate! it's a son of a bitch like credit card dues and account maintenance fees!


in places where food prices are above reasonable prices - let's say a restaurant - it is called bread, napkins, salt, pepper, - if it is a tripe - vinegar and garlic, and even the money received for these. these added values are also offered in affordable places such as small shops and artisan restaurants, but no money is taken. there is no extra money for water there anyway, there is a jug on the table, you can drink as much as you can. the pickle next to the dry beans is not an extra here.


in some luxury restaurants, they charge it for 1 lira, which makes me laugh. you pay a 3-digit account, you see, it wrote 1 lira cover. what is the need for this? you've already stabbed as much as you will...


in the fish restaurant i went to, i thought the original name of the cornbread brought just before the meal, in short, hede even hödö, who disgraced me...


it's an acronym made up by businesses because writing "we are sons of bitches" is a long and arduous task. there is also a synonym for waitress.


will not go to the place that bought this again, i won't. increase the price of the food on the menu by 5-10 liras, let me decide whether it is worth the price when coming. there is no realm of oriental cunning. it doesn't matter whether the place is a restaurant in paris or a kebab shop in istanbul. according to my personal criteria, it is the most important criterion that determines the vulgarity of a place and whether it can be visited again. waiters who open water and fill my glass without asking me are servants of the order, but i'll fuck them too.


in a way, a mandatory bet, which is added to the account automatically to prevent the possibility of not leaving a bet in luxury places and events that will occur, and which will be disgraced by calling the waiter if we do not know what happened after we receive the account, harac.


money received in restaurants for bread and similar details