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monica geller is one of the most beautiful women in the world for me. it's so beautiful, really.*


the first line of friends, which lasted for 10 seasons, belongs to him.


when she was first mentioned in the opening articles of the tv series friends around the time she got married, the producers made a funny joke by putting an arquette at the end of everyone's name (including the men of course) in the form of courteney cox arquette..


i can't believe you're 39 years old, the only beautiful girl of friends


a woman who couldn't move her mouth with botox. well, i don't shake any celebrity, they can bend themselves as much as they want, but i really felt sorry for this woman. she was already a gorgeous chick, i'm sure she would age very well. in this way, only ugly old people who try to look young and fail can become ugly. such a shame.


is it because of the connotation of my mischief from his surname?