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our new parallel universe series, which conquered my heart even with the song played at the end of the first episode. james carr - the dark end of the street


as a jk simmons fan, the series did not meet my expectations. the script seemed very sloppy to me. example; --- spoiler --- look more in the first episode, i think it's one of the shortcomings of the script that he forgot to mention it even though he had only one routine in the first episode in the question of "what are the routines" and the subject had to branch out from there. people get cold when there are such simple mistakes. there are dozens of such things in the series. --- spoilers ---


if the 2nd season 5th episode was made as a movie, it would be watched.


the series that made me write an entry after months and years with the 6th episode of the 2nd season. i think there is no other tv series that looks like a sci-fi theme with battlestar galactica, but also gives incredible social messages in the background and makes unobtrusive determinations about human nature. it's probably the most underrated drama on the market right now.


(see: fringe) (see: awake) (see: the one) (see: upside down) these are productions in which parallel universe themes are similar. to give an example from the most recent time as east-west germany dystopia: (see: the handmaid's tale) it has been the year 2018. there are those who expect the things watched to be unique and original to the bottom. every job that the camera enters has to contain clichés. just because it's a cliché doesn't mean a production is bad. as for the drama, altered carbon, la casa is a drama that will shake you in your squeak, watch it.


i've watched hundreds, maybe thousands of tv series over the years, but this series is completely different.


the series that is the exact equivalent of the concept of underrated. i haven't watched a series with such a good script and acting in a long time. imdb score is 1 point lower than it gets.


took long notes for this series, but i gave up writing. because i think everyone who watches will have a share that they can take out for their own account. starting with parallel universes, it is a series that is a bit of a mirror beyond questioning how big effects our fate and choices can have on our lives. i loved jk simmons' performance in whiplash. he excelled in his acting in counterpart.