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it is swallowed by children with its free expression. the most slang word is "lan". (bkz: is this a place to eat and drink) i laughed a lot at this.


(bkz: hoop i'm here dude) (see: incredible yea) (see: you go picnicker) (see: apartment mouse you) (see: i'm coming, say your last prayer)*


he is a video siter that i am surprised how no one has written about him until now. it is a channel with more than 230.000 subscribers as of now. you can check out his channel at this link. we meet him at the same time, he is a really sweet man. he is sincere and not at all egotistical. usually shoots pubg and pubg mobile videos.


if you look at his face while watching this man's videos, you will have a lot of fun. i usually look at your face in the game, i'm waiting for it to appear in the game at any moment :) the guy is officially alive


i watched the video he talked about in a top entry, now, as i thought, the man has the sentimentality of our generation and our generation's view of life. yes, your videos with cem bey fury are legendary. we look forward to the continuation. let's watch such beautiful people, not the types who show that they are an upstart every minute and give the numbers of the money they earn in their videos.

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