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like the core. something you can't let go once you start.


i'll probably die before i can see the end, goddamn game i can't even remember playing for a long time. you need to contact amatem to get rid of it.


animally addictive game playable at

4…7608530c9c1afec6af8d3c9adf06 is a game that i wrote the trick with a program that allows the mouse to click on the cookie by itself. ctrl + s starts and shuts down. the program always listens to this shortcut, and it never falls behind anything. it produced nearly 280m cookies per second at 3.8m clicks, compared to my buildings producing 90 million cookies with 70 clicks per second. note: i did not setup the project, i used the publish option of visual studio. that's why it doesn't ask for the data to be loaded in the setup section.


i haven't shut down my computer and indirectly firefox for 23 days because of this damn game. no stopping until you get 100 antimatter conderser. keep playing, or rather leave the computer on.


one of the cookie upgrades unlocked in the advanced levels of the game is madeleine. they made a very nice reference to marcel proust by writing "unforgettable" in the description of this upgrade. i love madeleine as well as proust, i kiss her all over whoever thought of doing this. here's the screenshot:…hp?pic=24b9gcg and s=5#.uksmqbbbqiw (yes it's my game, when i saw the last entry of celeron 300a i was curious and thought i'd have a look - even if my hands were broken, i wouldn't have looked. - and this is how i am.)


i'm not exactly sure, but this is the game i was able to quit today after leaving my computer on for at least 32 days nonstop, eating a bsod. uhuhuh everything is gone. thanks windows.


i think the last upgrade should be the minibus driver honking the horn, not the antimatter condenser.