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people who say that we can only develop in a healthy way by preserving our values, traditions, what makes us who we are. lie sure.


you ask from where he doesn't know, he answers from where he knows.


sitting and thinking; but all and every one of the people who sit * who are afraid to question, change or renew the concepts they believe in, and say 'the best way is the way i know'.


tolstoy also said the following about the subject: "one thinks that only the old are conservative and the young are innovative. this is not quite true. usually the real young people are conservative; they want to live but do not think about it, and they do not have time to think about how to live anyway, and therefore they are not. young people who take the life that has lived up to that time as an example.” *


although the meaning of the word is "people who preserve their values", it is a definition made for people who are conceptually right-wing, whose political views are influenced by religious motives, and who are between liberalism and extreme religiosity.


they are not open to development, they count where they are. they screw up the minds of those around them with their outdated thoughts. they are not liked at all by people who are wise, forward-thinking, and want to improve and get better. they create an obstacle for a better world. they never go to the trash.


in the country, the opposite is experienced. it is necessary to consider how a system that cannot protect the haydarpasa, destroys the atatürk forest farm, eliminates the small shopkeepers and destroys the neighborhood culture by planting shopping malls in their place, shapes its history and culture according to its own interests and offers those that should preserve it for the sake of rent, can be called enclosures.