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i have a yellow rose jr. impressive candidate.


in fact, during the nomination process, there were female candidates who would be very suitable for this position, but for the chp, it is not important who the beşiktaş candidate will be. will be chosen anyway. therefore, the man closest to the top is chosen and the candidate is made. it doesn't matter in the least whether he has a history of beşiktaş or not. description: the person from bahçelievler who will be the mayor of beşiktaş after march 31.


from where to where...


politician who proved that the people of beşiktaş who voted for him are no different from the akp voters whom they criticize. you have given a reason to a new corruption rumor by voting for the person who has no political career, who was deceived by the lies of ataturk and populism, and who was made a top-down candidate from bahcelievs to besiktas. bravo! riza kardes, you were promoted very quickly from an apartment on the top floor of a supermarket in bahcelievler to a villa in the throat. the people of beşiktaş really deserve a big congratulations.


under this title, there is a mercenary dog who instantly responds to every negative thing written for this man. very interesting :) definition: the mayor imposed on the people of beşiktaş by his party


the good party will also nominate candidates in beşiktaş. i hope they will nominate a good person, the voters will not blindly press the chp, they will teach kılıçdaroğlu a lesson for nominating such people. may god protect this country from kılıçdaroğlu and his team.