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it's not a pressure, it's a ransom. nobody wants to go to jail for a reasonable debt. even if he doesn't have the ability to pay anyway, he'll be worse off when he's imprisoned. it means that the pressure is made to the relatives of the debtor. even if it is in return, it may be a ransom. ah, if he is the leading psychopath in debt, we do not keep him apart and burn the age next to the currency.


it is applied in the form of putting the unpaid man in a room and subjecting him to torture with pressurized water until he says, "okay, brother, i'll pay, i will pay."


very tough prison sentence. you have debt, you can't pay, they throw you in prison, but there is still nothing to match your debt. lien, interest, etc. waiting for you. when you can't pay again, they take you in again, then you go out again and they have the same problems. maybe if you were out, you would still do something and try to pay, but you can't, you should stay in jail first because you can't pay. this goes on until you lose your health and die. whoever invented it must have thought a lot.


i'm wondering this. the man is sentenced to pay alimony, he does not pay. there is no salary/property to be confiscated. he goes under arrest, still does not pay. it should be out in 3 months. do they take this guy back in when he's still not paying his child support after 3 months? edit: it happens like this, it needs to be reported again. so if he's inside he might not be able to get out, or if he's out he'll get back in. so he can stay in prison for life in practice.


in english (see: duress of imprisonment)


gülben now has the same for erol kose.


a type of prison invented in the new tck that forces those who do not pay their debts to pay.

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