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the oil that makes the roast roast.


shirt oil is called the fat around the tripe and intestines, concept oil also surrounds the internal organs of the animal, it gives a different flavor when put into the meatballs, it is nice, especially from the rib side, you can make beautiful meatballs with brisket or a nice shavings.


what useful running is for aykut hodja, this oil is the same for vedat president. indispensable, especially the subject is mentioned in meatballs or burs. i love you vedat president, take me with you, we'll eat big.


it is the porous oil around the internal organs of the animal (large head). it is the only reason you love the meatballs you eat out. it makes the meatballs as soft as cotton and it is the fat that freezes on the plate while eating the meatballs.


this is beef fat, which is said to be necessary for perfect homemade meatballs.. 200 g of concept fat per kilo of ground beef, i haven't tried it, i don't know where it is sold..


(see: shirt oil)


"beef concept fat is the fat found in the concept area of the carcass in cattle and small cattle. this type of fat used by companies producing meat products (sausage, salami, sausage, ready-to-eat meatballs, etc.) is also a preferred choice for restaurants, restaurants and butchers. product."…urun=kavram-yagi


animal product that very famous news and internet sites touted as poor quality rain. you idiots think it's used as a substitute for lard. they have never seen lard. it is the reason why the meatballs that your mother and your wife make from the most expensive meat at home do not even replace the meatballs sold in the wheelbarrow. it is the secret of high quality sausage, doner, kebab.