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"we don't sell amd processors because they get too hot." some of them also say such words. anyway, i'm holding back.


the common occupation of people who pace while talking on the phone. i have never seen a computer man sitting down and talking in my life, even when their phone rings, they jump up and start walking around like a maniac. it must be a common feature. (see: i would not know the king if he came, i would generalize if he were my father)


- my son, what do you do - computer aunt - computer programmer, sir - he is also a computer programmer.. (see: computer programmer)


tradesmen of the it world. trained problem solvers from the core. format c heroes.


the name given to the person who knows how to use windows and office applications. in ubuntu, get instant lock..


look, this is my nephew; that's the computer guy... * uncle yabma... - the best computer guy in istanbul and even in mid-awrupa, he scores 35 goals in a football match. - it's very complicated things, i'm not confused, did you take your course? * no, i learned it myself, i'm not interested