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bald because i have never had the opportunity to live in a country (or world) where this system is established; i could not personally experience its vital effects. i'd say it's awesome on paper. however, i have been in various settings where everyone (or a significant majority) is communist. like my own house, student house, association, action, school, concert. i do not know if it is an indicator, but the most intellectually productive periods of my life; these are the most free and happy moments.


surprising to see that people still persistently confuse it with socialism. communism is not a form of government. socialism is a form of government and the situation where all the states of the world are in an absolute, single socialist order (that is, all states are socialist, in fact there is no state left) is called communism.


sir, now there is no such thing as a communist state, no. because there is no state in communism. (bkz: ie) russia, east germany, albania etc. these were socialist states. "being a communist" can lead us to an optimistic conclusion, such as "being interested in communism and working for it", since communism has a utopian appearance here, we should not push too hard.

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