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As of yesterday, I resumed my subscription due to the resolution of the Turkish subtitle issue. I possess sufficient English proficiency to articulate my issue, but I prefer to watch films that are more substantial than my problem. I would recommend this to anyone interested in cinema.



As Netflix continues to expand its subtitled content into markets such as Turkey, Mubi has responded by removing Turkish subtitles and even the English voiceover, prompting the question: which company is more globally-minded and has made the correct decision?



Efe Cakarel founded the remarkable website, http://www.theauteurs.com/, in 2007 with the support of the European Union Media Program, the World Cinema Foundation, and renowned film companies. Through this platform, one can access independent, foreign, and classic films online, comment on them, read and share articles, and express their admiration for the content. We have all been captivated by the offerings of this website, and it has become a source of joy for many.