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come on son

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you know, their joy when they saw that there was something they were interested in (organ), and it was difficult for them to take the boat out and sleep peacefully while people were making noise. it is very valuable just to present this effort very well. i don't know about cinematography, but i missed antalya, where i spent 5 years. do you say crying, smiling, sadness, compassion... sum up a bunch of emotions. good luck with your work! addendum: what a beautiful line it is: "i also listen to your silences very well".


brother man improved the acting, improved the handsomeness, but somehow he could not advance the jumping event. well, i'm very sorry. behlul fisherman ali


child with autism. let me tell you for those who are wondering. i watched this movie in the cinema. i couldn't cry. i wish i cried. i'm worse than crying. because i am the father of a child with autism.


"today you'll be hurt, tomorrow you'll laugh. you're young enough to get used to everything..." is the line that stays in mind. note: friends who know whether it is the talent of the script writers or a quote from a book, please green up.