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come of age honor

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he caught tuberculosis at the age of 18, got engaged to a patient who was hospitalized with typhoid at the last 22 of his life, came to istanbul from zonguldak and settled in his fiance's house, died in december right after his fiancee died in november, and four years later, his dear friend poet-i müstesna familiar with the melale who met muzaffer tayyip uslu


there is also a poem called contentment, which is very nice; "no harm comes to me/ the bee in its hive/ the bird in its nest/ i live on my own/ under my hat/ my smile for no reason in the streets/ from my satisfaction/ and this madness is insane/ i'm not dumb/ i can't be thirsty/ just like the dead/ in the middle of this beautiful world/


he is a poet from zonguldak.


the poet is the uncle of the professor at hacettepe.