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just because his family might be from another party, he is a mental patient, a so-called atatürkist and chp member, who sees the rape of a 4-year-old child as positive. he should definitely be arrested and rehabilitated.


this psychotic woman is proof of how ugly ideology is. god forbid they give such a chance. chp, white party, etc. whoever is like this, god bless them...


the thought that this person could be spreading his ideas through his profession is appalling. description: one monster


i do not believe that there is any person in this land who would think about it. neither rightist nor leftist, neither akpli, nor chpli, nor alevi, nor sunni, nor the, nor kurdish. the types who write these statements are definitely provocateur agents playing with the nerve endings of society. it's best to look at it from this angle.


if the statements attributed to him are true, humanity is finished. normalizing the rape of a four-year-old and basing it on political choices is truly mind-boggling. god bless our end.


there's a new son of a bitch every day and we can't even keep up with these disgusting scumbags anymore. where are the goygoy headlines that i look at every day in ekşisözlük 10 years ago, where are the headlines of the current country, the names that have emerged... let go of it, damn it. disgusting creatures, degenerate dogs, be a human now.


god bless this social media. there are so many sons of bitches among us. new ones are added every day. those who are careful not to get lynched eventually show their characterlessness.