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(see: six day war)


a music group from the 70s that has only one album called oh what a lovely war. all the songs in the album are beautiful. but the first song to be remembered is of course the song called six day war.


british band that i met with a six days war song like the cover of mahmut orhan, whose content was emptied. when you listen to the original version and read the lyrics, one gets sad... what can we say? capitalism is something like this: you take an anti-war song from 47 years ago and cover it with a smack and then they break up with this song in discos-bars, not knowing what is being said... the market... the market of my spit.


british psych-folk band where dj shadow used vocal samples from "six day war" in their song six days..


the most soul-bending british band that composed six days. they say very kindly. video site/watch?v=cp02pllgjqc


british music group that i knew about thanks to the mahmut orhan remix. their only album was released in 1971, oh! what a lovely war the best part of the album is the mahmut orhan remix "six days war".


six days war 1971. nothing else.


british origin band with great songs like six day war and lord high human being. but such a disgraceful interpretation of a song like six day war, especially the fact that it was listened to more than the original, and that sikimsonic the singers/groups appeared in the similar artists section on spotify.