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collective consciousness

You do not need to observe people in order to comprehend the concept of collective consciousness; ants are a great example of this.


collective consciousness

On Saturday, June 1st, during the Taksim Gezi Park resistance process of May 28, 2013, we renewed our respects to Jung Baba in a synchronous manner.


collective consciousness

See Gaia for more information.


collective consciousness

In 2013, we gained a lot of knowledge. Primarily, we discovered the concept of collective consciousness. I wish it continues to expand and develop. - Ali İhsan Varol


collective consciousness

It is a concept that we cannot measure, observe, or form testable theories about in any way. I'm not saying "it doesn't exist", but all 19th century psychologists, including Jung, who say "it exists and its content is this" is unfair according to 21st century psychologists.

All we know about it is that it seems to exist. is speculation.

Now that I've learned, I'm putting the sources in video format for you. then we're watching because. the faculty of the student: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdukct6vthi


collective consciousness

a Jungian discourse; The concept that asserts that the society is a subconscious as well as one's own subconscious.

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