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hateful organization with disgusting ads...they have the taste of "we are the servants of capitalism".


commission paid, agreed, contract etc. although details such as these are prepared and signed and even the key is delivered (while you are talking about what color your child's room should be), they are professional enough to come and say there was a mistake and ask for the key of the house back.


real estate agent whose employees they put cb at the beginning of their names on facebook. everyone else is going to the opening of the branch on the other side of the country, having fun at the hotels and stuff. i still can't figure out what feet.


yesterday, they saw my cv on a career site and called. we want to have a job interview with you, a lady advertised that we are this good, we are beautiful like that. i wonder too; did you review your cv? i said i am an engineer, and i have nothing to do with sales. all of our employees were from different sectors, bankers, financial advisors, auditors, etc. they can't find a man either, they make a job offer and get what they get. or the caller invites every cv that comes before him to fill his daily call quota.


they call from coldwell banker, cb - alooo xxx sir, i'm calling from coldwell bankers, you applied for a job i - (remember after a stunned first moment since it took about 2 months) hmmm ah yes i did cb - the region you live in me - istanbul üsküdar cb - more do you have real estate experience before me - no no cb - your current job me - budget and financial reporting cb - we'll get back to you vııınnnnnnn it was very fast :)


seeing the ads, one's real estate agent sounds likely. real estate agents have such an air that you think they are neurosurgeons, you think they are f-16 pilots, you think they are interior ministers... this is real estate brokerage, don't be so hard on them.


real estate consultancy company with branches in istanbul and ankara in the country.


103-year-old real estate company serving with nearly 4 thousand offices and 130,000 real estate consultants in 35 countries.

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