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coenzyme q10

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it is a product that i have just taken 30 mg of it with the advice of a doctor because it is good for the skin. i'll edit when i see the effect. edit1: i didn't see any benefit. i increased its use to 100 mg daily. will be edited again. edit2: i didn't see any noticeable effect, but i guess it works for long-term protection.


you know the mystery. when you try to read it, it is super, it is magnificent, it promises a miracle. if you ask your doctor, its benefits are not proven yet, it is a vitamin_ food supplement. even when you say you use e, it is in the mood of 'tinn'. if you look at foreign sources, it is a panacea for the heart, high blood pressure, ms and alzheimer's. i couldn't understand and i couldn't get out of it. if there is, the user who says i am using it, or a medical professional who has shown interest in the subject, for god's sake, should green it up.


it is an enzyme used by a relative of mine who has muscle wasting, with the advice of a doctor. with gnc's withdrawal from the market, we have concluded that solgar is the best for now. what you hear is not a lie, i see it with my own eyes, she is over 40 years old and has skin like porcelain. he looks younger than me too. (age 25)


enzyme used by bodybuilders together with l-carnitine.


antioxidant, which must be taken together with alpha lipoic acid for a higher absorption in cells, scientifically proven to work.


antioxidant nutritional supplement used extensively around the world. there are many proven or about to be proven benefits and articles about them. seems unrivaled in anti-aging. in high-dose use, it has provided great benefits for people who are in the risk group of neurological diseases (alzheimer, parkinson..). especially since it accelerates cell regeneration, the rate of taking 1-2 per day among people over 45 in europe is 28%, which is a very high rate for a supplement.


protina-like pharmaceutical companies sell this substance in the form of powder sticks. can be found in pharmacies. they even have slogans such as the secret of anti-aging and vitality, a single dose a day is enough. there are also such zinc and magnesium products, which are sold side by side as siblings to the q10. they say take 1 of each a day and so on. i don't take these things seriously because i'm in the advertising side of the business. things produced and released with the idea of what else we can sell to wellness enthusiasts.


bought the (see: voonka) brand one from n11. it's full of ads with free shipping for around half the price. i take: co q10 200mg + vitamin e q10 for better absorption: (see: alpha lipoic acid) 600 mg ready, i'm eating irregularly, saying that i am eating irregularly: (see: omega 3) 1100 mg omega 3 + q10 on voonka's website there is a tablet form, but i stayed away because it contains (see: titanium dioxide). when i took these two separately in the form of soft capsules, their mg was also high. i hope they work, they work.