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[uppercase] cfr8sz4b7l [/ capital letter] is the company that offers new customers a 20% discount on their annual hosting purchase.


the site was giving download links to watch movies while doing sports.


the company that has been responding to my tickets (24 hours) and calls (during working hours, of course) for 3-4 days without getting tired, and solving my problems without any trouble.


after the license incident of cpanel, while all companies were paying an extra fee to their customers, they said that we will not charge an extra license fee until the renewal date by sending an e-mail and they enchanted me.


offers individual and corporate internet solutions. opened in 2002, the product range is quite wide, it has services suitable for every budget and demand. taste of inedible support systems are working night and day, morning and evening.


it was the company i used to use and i never had any problems. i am thinking of switching again. i was satisfied with the timely support system at average prices according to the market. it is recommended.


it firm that provides hosting and domain services.


it is a local hosting company that i have used for 6 years and i have never had a problem. they provide instant solutions to problems.
the other hosting company i use is güzelnet or nice hosting, whatever you want to call it now.
the most obvious difference between kodcenter and them is beautiful, a click cheaper. i'd say try both, choose your side.

kodcenter website

nice hosting website
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