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club raki

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its alcohol content is higher than other raki and its drinkability is higher than other raki. if we call it raki, green efe is potato, tekirdağ raki is tomato, new raki is onion. a high-end drink. the places that sell are also top level, there are also places that only sell club raki, they appeal to gourmets.


(see: 50 percent hard to keep at home)


if don draper was the, he wouldn't drink raki other than this.


this raki reminds me of safa restaurant every time i see it. as if it couldn't be smoked anywhere else. that's why i want to drink there only.


raki, which is thought to be found in many places tonight, in glasses that were raised in honor of the 28th anniversary of 93 years ago. be sad!


in the small illustration on the label, it is the raki where we see the saloon gentlemen sitting in the "club" with their bow ties and drinking raki with proper manners.


it is said that one of the ones on the label is İhap hulusi himself, and the other is fazıl ahmet aykaç.