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it's a very strange place... one of the places where i feel the strangest in my life... it's as if people had to go when there was food on the stove in the houses, in the kitchens, as if someone left the iron in the fist while the shirts were being ironed... they just left... all that splendor itself is amazing. a very strange, thought-provoking place left to a deprivation, a lonely place...


the ghost city, which was closed to settlement after the peace operation, was closed to settlement in order to have it as leverage in the future. although not a single brick has been laid for 30 years, the hotel, entertainment venues, banks and car dealerships in the region are of admirable size and beauty. all the buildings of the settlement, which has the capacity to develop northern cyprus alone if it were opened, were looted by military units. a pearl in the mediterranean, the first in cyprus with its golden yellow sand and night blue sea!


sad city where magnificence and misery are intertwined.

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