clitoral orgasm

clitoral orgasm

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it is the shaped description of female masturbation. what men do is called 31, what women do is called clitoral orgasm. women are having clitoral orgasms as fiti fiti, while we do huldur 31 like oxen.


if we consider the introduction, development and conclusion, it is the one that should express the "introduction" part of these sexual relations. definitely not "result". now whoever falls for it, do it. i condemn those who turn their ass and sleep just because i think i have ejaculated. love takes effort.


is the icing on the cake. it is very tasty but not satisfying.


orgasm that every woman* can experience when stimulated with sufficient time, widespread contact and constant rhythm..


"clitoral orgasm is fantastic, fuck freud..." electra, 2007


it's the only orgasm women can achieve, so there's no such thing as a clitoral or a vaginal orgasm. according to the results of scientific research, the first of which was made back in the 60s, there are 80,000 nerve endings in the clitoris for three or five nerve endings in the vagina, and a woman who can be stimulated in many ways, just like men, can only reach orgasm from here. let's not make up orgasms out of our ass. let's take a look here.


(see: yes it is there)


it is an event that can only be achieved with cunnilingus, not masturbation*/hand stimulation*. contrary to popular belief, it is not neurotic or dangerous. the danger is to concentrate only on the woman's vagina. woman's whole body is sexuality, slightly different from men.