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a drug that i don't think burns as much as it is exaggerated. it was given to treat my throat infection caused by beta microbes. as of the first dose, it completely took the burning in my throat. thanks to this, i was able to eat solid food after 2 days. i want to cheat the remaining 9 of them, thank him and part ways.


i haven't had a serum that i haven't had for 6 days, i haven't had a needle left, my throat infection has never gone !!! i should have understood when the father, who was a doctor, said we had no other choice! now my ass is not hurting!!! if you don't get that infection, i'll raid your lab, bilim pharmaceuticals!!! (see throat infection)


doctor wrote 3x3 today because of tonsillitis shit. fuck the history of such a thing. it really gives an indescribable pain. what a shame, my god, i thought i was dying, my life was out of my ass. i got the injection, it was fine, but i couldn't get out of the hospital. like the 5 point hits in the kill bill, i fell down after 5 steps.


the needle prescribed by my doctor today for my disease that has been going on for exactly 15 days, which can not be cured by azithro, augmentin and all kinds of flammable drugs. first of all, there is no incredible burning sensation as others have said. we just took the first dose, let's see what happens to us. not that, even parts of my body that i didn't know existed ached.


they wrote for tonsillitis. i've been getting shot for two days. yes, i get shot in every sense. i get the left lobe shot without the pain in the right lobe. it burns incredibly. edit after 3 years: this time, our paths crossed with my pink friend because of a ridiculous tooth abscess. after the first dose, my hazelnut-sized abscess became the size and consistency of currants. you are loved clindan. but you're still burning.


have already forgotten the pain of my tooth. i had my 7th injection today and it has become very difficult to sit. no one should test anyone with a toothache in this life


the needle i ate 18 times in a row. when i was trying to save one tooth, i almost took the liver in my hand. result? it didn't pass, we had inflammation of my code.


it is an antibiotic injection that has an immediate effect after a few 600 mg doses for my tooth abscess pain, where 1000 mg augmentin tablet antibiotics do not work. it is true that it burns the hip a little, but the pain is not unbearable. the only disadvantage is that it causes diarrhea that can last for a week, as it disrupts the intestinal flora. my biggest advice to those who will use this injection is that they ask the doctor to add the lopermit 2 mg tablet to the prescription along with this injection.