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metallica's bassist... was killed when the bus was thrown out of the window while touring in sweden... it's always been said that metallica isn't the same after his death...


on the first day they met, lars ulrich and james hatfield asked cliff to play at the metallica, but cliff bugged them by saying "i can't go to los angeles for a band". however, the ulrich-hatfiel duo were so impressed with cliff that they decided to move the group to cliff's venue, san francisco. he is such a wonderful musician himself.


from video site: he is not dead, god just need bass lessons m/


always wonder; to see if he looked at the sky one last time before he died...


it has been 27 years since you left us, master. "the greatest bass player of all time, cliff burton, has died." it was said. i am glad that even a newspaper belonging to the disciple media mentions this man. "bass solo, take one"


"he lost his soul with metallica burton. he would never allow a black album or a load" lars ulrich