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a french cartoon movie that i watched with horror. source of future serial killers.


it is the cartoon that shaped my personality. i owe the slightly off-balance part of my personality to them.


all cartoons were meant to make you laugh. its purpose was different. that was weird. especially the colors were pale. they would draw in pale colors that you wouldn't see in any other movie. it was pretty depressing. but i watched. those who drew certainties and created them were psychopathic men. it always seemed to me that there was a victor among the team that created it. not the one who drew it but the creator.


girl : clementine flaming friend: malmot clementine's cat : helix the genie in the blue sphere: hemera was a super cartoon. i was in love with hemera. he had super long and different colored hair. i will never forget an episode that took place in egypt, it had a great impact on me afterwards. while searching for clementine, agents of the classic malmot in a temple, had kidnapped her by a priest from a secret panel. clementine: who are you? when he asked, the man said: "if malmot has demons, hemera has friends too."


whenever i look at the legs of a girl in short shorts, clementine follows me to my house and walks into my room with a lamb in her arms and tells me that she ironed all my clothes as a warning message.