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you understand the fact that it is a business house better when you learn that the man sitting in the same class in front of you, behind you, on your right, on your left, is cheaper than you, and when you taste the feeling of being screwed.


the point that i do not understand is that if the teachers do not eat or drink, there will be a holiday, there will be a holiday, people go somewhere, they get up at 7 in the morning and come to the classroom.


if we close each one of them and build a library in their place, the places that we will put into the hands of the modern civilized level, sorry. look at your hometown, phone shop, internet cafe, classroom. here is the summary of your life. instead of; shouldn't it be a library, cafe and art gallery a friends?


proof of the strength of the the education system, where hundreds of thousands of people who are in the throes of entering the university have great hope, earning super money. institutions that will make you cry..


they are the most useless trade institutions in the country. should be eliminated without delay.


they are businesses that should be ashamed of the existence of the state. what kind of a state are you when you say, "i cannot educate these children, you buy them and train them well with your money". the state should be ashamed of this. what is the use of the ministry of national education in this country, is it there to inspect the private teaching institutions? shame on you.


the institution that steals the sunny weekends of children and young people. when i thought about it, i decided that this was the place i hated the most in my life. the times i am most unhappy with are the times i spend going to the classroom and preparing for the exam. the times that make me feel guilty while reading novels, watching movies, sitting, sleeping.