class and gear await

class and gear await

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when you query the military status document via e-government, (if you have had military service examination), you can see the phrase "reason for postponement: class and equipment waiting".


it means you will be drafted in the next term.


the phrase that came up when i canceled my registration from the other university in order to postpone a second master's degree. i said go to the new school immediately and make the deferral. but still one loses his peace when he sees that article and the upcoming date there. i will close the school and the military branch until i see the new deferment document.


it means learn to polish boots.


it means start memorizing the sunday march.


thank goodness i was able to cancel my postponement today after 2 problematic and long-term days. i said that i want to go as soon as possible and we write the february summons as open february, but it was said that in the middle of january, inquire from the e-government office, there is no such thing that you will go, there is a lot of congestion. frankly i'm scared!!


the information given by the e-government and the military branch may be different. when you see such an article, i say either go to the military branch or call and get information.


the phrase i came across after an extended master's degree. it was a reality that struck me that i had to finish and submit the thesis in a few months. after this point, when i submit the thesis, i have to research whether i will get another year's deferral. how long can i go on with my life just by looking at it? you know, if the university was lousy, i would have it canceled and pursue a new master's degree, but i've put a lot of effort so far, i can't resist. it looks like i'm going to join your caravan with a price.