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patient-assured hospitals. even at the opening, prayers were prayed by saying that i hope more patients will come. (bkz: the health system is expensive in the country)


didn't this pandemic teach you? haven't you learned a lesson yet? the virus transmits more in the crowd. the more crowded a place is, the easier and faster it is to get a virus in that place. so what is it? it was irrational and irrational to build a huge hospital. oh yes, someone can earn good money from these hospitals, but normal citizens can easily get sick in these hospitals.


the complacent troll has come again. yahu, we are not against the hospital. you are transferring money to the supporters by costing the hospital that cost 3 liras to 15 liras. when you pull your car to the public hospital parking lot, you don't pay, but let them spend 5 liras per parking hour at the city hospital so i can see your ass. what is service? let them eat! the state has given a 70% occupancy guarantee. in the comfort of the hotel or because of the hospital, hotel jargon was used. edit: imaging services, meals for patients, etc. will also be given to private.


in the words of the president, these are the business establishments where those who leave are not seen as patients but as "customers". (see: i hope the customers of city hospitals will increase) speaking of business; 10 billion lira payment to city hospitals in a year!