city and region planning

city and region planning

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department i did my master's degree. unfortunately, this part has no equivalent in the country. the distorted construction, which i cannot understand in any way, continues even though 10 years have passed. how are those approvals obtained? we are in a deplorable state..! municipalities are a little more careful about this.. but until the order cuts the iron.!


ankara metropolitan mayor i. it is the profession that melih gökçek is trying to learn sarcastically. he uses ankara as his scrapbook.


a profession that is partially likened to architecture by people. if anyone is currently studying and graduated and working can green my message box? i have a couple of questions. edit: wow, i'm about to finish environmental engineering years ago.


it is the department that trains young minds who can solve the "infrastructure problem" that is always talked about if they are allowed to do their job (in this profession, as in every other profession). value is unknown. students do not know either. what(yin value) is known in this country?


street architecture