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if it is pleasure it is drunk, if it is trouble it is burned...


according to one of our acquaintances, the headman of his village dermi$ said: "i will not exchange 1 cigarette for 1 ounce, and the bottom of the cigarette for 2 oxen$mem"


- a pack of short malborolayt, the picture should be beautiful. - all right, brother, let's see. -... -... (looking at the shelf) -... - someone has high blood pressure bro, nothing will happen with blood pressure?


if you try to let go, your fingers won't be able to let go, come on, you'll force it, but this time your lips won't, let's make him stop, your lungs won't let go, your lungs will burn worse. you smoke, you burn one... edit: i wanted to update this entry that i wrote at the age of 21 as i quit smoking at the age of 35. it's fine, you just have to believe it. (bkz: quit smoking)


as someone who has smoked at least a pack of cigarettes a day for nearly 10 years... smoking is one of the dumbest things in the world. but if there's anything more idiotic than that, it's advocating that smoking is a good thing.

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