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there is no medical literature or holy book that can explain 70-year-old ozzy osbourne's rebound like a gazelle. rest in peace chris president, what you feel is enough.


he was the king of forked sounds. he had an excellent voice. it really shocked me in the morning. i didn't even realize he was 52 years old. it's been 14 years since the man said like a stone. it's like yesterday..


he deserves our appreciation because he is an american who cuts his armpit hairs.


i think we share a common psychology as those who love this man. many of us suffer from anxiety, many of us suffer from the meaninglessness of life. perhaps one of the things that impresses us the most in chris' death is the possibility that we end our lives like this. meanwhile, schema therapy says that a decrease in happiness in life is manifested by depression, and a lack of meaning in life manifests itself in anxiety. rest in peace chief, enough is what you make us feel.


this death +30 upsets the sours. i wish we had the opportunity to turn on what am i listening to on msn and listen to 'be yourself'.


according to the latest statements, it is called the use of drugs with benzodiazepine active ingredients that lead him to suicide. a relative of mine hung himself after brewing tea in the morning and drinking half of it. he had been using this kind of drug for a long time. the famous phrase of anton chekhov comes to mind; "what a wonderful day. i can't decide whether to brew tea or hang myself..."