chp's inability to come to power alone except 1923-50

chp's inability to come to power alone except 1923-50

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it shows that the "prisoner mentality" has not been in power in this country for 60 years. how constructive is it to criticize the constructiveness of a "mentality" that is not in power, and we get lost while looking for it in the superior visions of its supporters that we "cannot understand".


it shouldn't be out of the question, but unfortunately it does. what matters is a properly functioning democracy. parties, votes and names do not matter in such a democracy. but we ruined democracy because we keep a party like a team.


first this: (see #41758978) other than that; it is also directly related to the electoral system. a good example is that when ecevit received more than 42% of the vote, he could not be in power alone due to the electoral system, but now the akp, which received the same percentage of votes, could get a 2/3 majority in the parliament.


proposition showing that the person who said it did not know the political history. the chp was in power alone during the ecevit period from 1978 until the 79 midterm elections.


for some reason, it cannot prevent the ignorance mentality to be responsible for all the negativities in the last 64 years.


the chp could not come to power alone, but it was always behind the scenes, even the soldiers did not allow the right governments to make a coup !!! even the army itself admits that it was done. on september 12, the chp is among the parties that were closed and politically banned. how can one be such a dickhead. it was already a mistake for deniz baykal to re-establish the chp after the ban, this is better understood today.


the thought that says "but the chp always comes to terms with blows" and that thinks people like kenan evren are leftist