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it is the mouth liquid that dentists give to their patients for mouthwash, i think it shows cationic properties


most effective plaque preventer used to date


as a result of a small accident, i got a large wound on my knee for three days, when it does not crust over for three days (the skin of the knee area is constantly stretching), it is the type of powder i use on the wound. the wound dries in an hour. then i was advised to apply pure vaseline on it. this time, as if the scab had almost melted, the liquid oozing from the wound was running down my leg like tears… i just cleaned the wound and sprinkled chlorhexidine powder on it again. dried up. but as it moves, the crust cracks and the wound opens again. i don't understand, this job is gone... what a nasty wound it came out


in scandinavia, where batticon is unknown, it is widely used clinically; from preoperative sponge to liquid mixes. 0.5 mg/ml injections, intravenous, blood sugar etc. while 5 mg/ml is used for urinary catheter placement and preparations for surgery. it is colorless. although it does not contain iodine, it is a neurotoxin.