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thanks to the gum trees they own, the island exports 250 million dollars of chewing gum annually. in Çeşme, right across from it, there is the country, the ministry of agriculture, which decided that the gum tree was not a fruit and did not support it. strange.


guess hyundai getz's market share is around 60 percent here. also, we went to a store to buy two kilos of gum. we got dad. you ask why? its weight was 110 euros.. when we said what the hell is this, we bought 250 grams and left. we couldn't bring more than 1 kilo per person to the country anyway. you ask why? i don't know.


restaurants are usually very cheap (8 people + crazy amount of appetizers + 2 liters of ouzo = 110 euros) but the easiest way to understand that you will eat a pile is on the walls inside the restaurant, if there is a fan scarf or poster of any the team on the wall, know that that restaurant will give you a bad time, far away hold on. especially if the restaurant employee, boss, etc. speaks the and calls you "my brother" or something, stay further away.