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in the 17th century, with the understanding of the importance of diplomacy, it is a position that was separated from the nişancı and established. he is responsible for the foreign correspondence of the state.. there are clerks under him and reisülküttap means the head of the clerks ... the first reisulküttap is mehmet rami efendi. the name of rami district in istanbul comes from here..


in terms of legal status, he is the chief of the council clerks. at the sniper's command. over time, while the importance of the reisülküttab increases, that of the sniper decreases. not from the ulama. although he is of muslim origin, it is known that he had great conflicts with the ulema.


in 1836, with the administration reform of mahmud ii, he became the foreign minister.


it is an important authority that manages the foreign affairs of the ottoman state until the ministry of foreign affairs is established. in a code of laws dated 1676, he was given the task of translating names from foreign countries and preparing the draft of names to be sent to foreign countries, in addition to some other bureaucratic duties. gradually, with the increase of their influence in foreign affairs, they were also appointed to high official positions.


the word i learned in a quiz program that it means "minister of foreign affairs" in ottoman and i have not forgotten since that day.


in the ottoman empire, the head of the department overseeing the activities of the pens who were directly subordinate to the vizier and the clerks there in the divan-ı hümâyûn. he was a deputy marksman until the 16th century. he was a member of the council in the 16th century. he is the minister of foreign affairs.


(see: reisul kuttap street)



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