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leash manager. for another; (see unsealed sadi)


if a numerator had been invented to count the curses received, the director of the anatolian agency, which i believe could enter the record books with the curses he received since last night. he also made me think for a while about fearing god and being ashamed of the servant.


owner's voice let my taxes be haram..


a pawn with no respect for his job or himself, who has been blocking data entry for 78 minutes, preventing a man who has won the election with his honor from getting what he deserves. i am wondering how you will go to your house and sleep, how will you feed your children the money you earn!


ah general manager. the institution he heads has trampled the will of the nation.


this manipulator was the founder of the akepe youth branches. enter the data, enter it!


isn't there a bag of grandchildren to be ashamed of looking at these people's faces?


we knew that he was erdogan's man, but the salaried official of the state, who has great responsibility to the country, the nation and the agency he is in, proudly says "i am erdogan's man". embarrassment, blushing, apologies are not expected from them anyway. take your hat too!! source

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