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there is a saying once, "i don't prefer to use gloves in my surgeries, i want the flavor of my hand to pass on to my patient".


the one who took me away by answering one of the questions asked in the game show called word game as "great" instead of a dressing gown.


excuse the bag, but your mother will say that she has a cunt.


they are very quick-witted. in the penal sanction part of the "war or virtue mi" program, he walks erdem as a slave on a leash in kadıköy square. a sensitive older sister jumps from there + what kind of thing is this? can such a thing happen in the 21st century? we will enter the ab, is there any slavery left.. bik bik bik ... - this is the last slave i have, we will sell it and enter the ab


i don't understand what he is doing in intensive care. please come out immediately. these are the things i don't like at all.


when he wakes up tomorrow morning, he will say "i decided to leave my body in a safer place when i go on astral travel from now on" and will make us burst into tears of joy.


a wonderful person to whom i wish to get well soon. some beings are also derived here and they enter entry as "this is my mother's profession".


the idiot is the person who is described as an actor who takes part in the movie deliha in the internet news of most newspapers in my country.. however, he has had epilepsy for years.. fatih term in english.. wake up quickly..