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a journalist who must be asked persistently whether iraq, which has paid the greatest human cost of recent years, is an important actor in the middle east or is still a tool state under the control of the usa.


he is one of the renegades after 80. in this regard, it should not be trusted in the least. like all other renegades. for leaving their consciences on their way back. edit: it was ratted out as gg. let me sell his mother from my mind. renegade means he's getting in someone's ass...


he was a akp lover. settled in sweden. this is how things are. liberals run away, you burn here. yesterday, this liberal crew called secularism tutelage, fascism, etc. why are they running away?


wow i'm dead because he criticized yılmaz Özdil, he became a leader, had a conscience, became prudent, even robert fisk (this last one must be a joke). i wonder where his common sense and conscience went when he was supporting the us attack on iraq and lobbying hard to get the country involved?

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