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maybe your father was a person whose diction was perfect, but his character and manhood were very flawed, my son. maybe his salary was very good, he would always give certified diction seminars at sakarya university - and many universities. your father was probably the highest paid person in the broadcasting industry and the most unlawful salary. your father has done more damage to the country than any terrorist. know this. and if you want to be a good person never accept it.


an ordinary pro "gasteci" with a price tag printed on his spine


in order to understand how the history of akp is, read by looking at the dates of the people written about this and similar people. just read the change in the last 10 years. you can easily see how a temporary political domination transforms such people with money and intimidation, and how these people evolve. you will see a picture of characterlessness, spinelessness, simplicity and cheapness. cem teaches but he is just one of the people in the picture.


i'm not interested in how it offers, but what it offers. fiction, black propaganda, criminalizing content against a part of the society, a wrong understanding of journalism... he is the maestro of all of them. fortunately, the akp bulletin it offers hardly enters the top 15 in the ratings. of course, as mentioned before, his lifestyle and his position have nothing to do with it.


sewer rat.


in 300 b.c., king leonidas turns to ephialtes, who denounced them towards the end of the war, and says, "i hope you live forever." i hope he lives to be 100 years old. even if he is not 100, he will live to be ashamed of what he has done, presented and defended. that's 98 years old anyway.


years later, his children; i would like to ask him if my father reads this by saying what kind of person he was in the eyes of people, will he not blush at all. (see: sell simit live with dignity)


he is guilty of aiding and abetting political islam, which is certain that he lived like a chpli in daily life and even gave the game to chp. the country's biggest problem is this spinelessness, in fact, if everyone was principled, the country would not be in this situation. anyway, you're playing gta now, let's not keep busy.