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ever since this man rose, yılmaz Özdil has been restless, he has shared his bread.


in fact, what should have happened was to stand in a square or something and have a picture taken with people for 5 10 tl. but the waiter serving the man says "pasham". they are invited to official invitations, weddings and so on. someone is putting their head on the man's shoulder and crying. the issue is not what the celestial rock does, but the approach of our people to the celestial rock.. it's not the celestial rock that needs to be tidy.


let me f*ck the lining of the brain of the man who claws at this just because of his appearance and calls himself a kemalist. i don't know if it has any merit other than its resemblance to an important person in history, "the most important to me", but it is certain that this resemblance alone is paying off right now. he is a simple fraudster in my opinion.


am in a bar with live music in ankara at 1 am. i'm dizzy, i went to the toilet, i raised my head while i needed help at the urinal, atatürk in the side urinal! oh my god, didim !?! the man actually came to the bar at night in atatürk outfit and hangs out. he sat outside and smoked. folks come and have their photos taken, fln... and they say they are picking up women and girls from bars, i can't understand that woman. what kind of fantasy is this? does the greek say fuck like a fuck or what does he say :)


man who looks like atatürk, aka atatürk, who has been coming across more than necessary on social platforms lately. i'm ready recently, i thought i'd start this famous ezel series on video site. cengiz entered a coffee house in one scene, one of the men sitting at the table turned his back. i just looked at this. i said man, a 10-year-old series, an irrelevant man, i wonder if i'm starting to hallucinate or something. but no, sir, this guy played there in his time. here is that scene


i was going to write that i did not like him, but the title was blocked. an atatürk bread eater. people can insult atatürk as they want, but you can't express an opinion about his cheating, look at luxury.. do you still keep calling the media and dirtying atatürk's name..