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the person who rejected the parliamentary offers for mayor for years. although many people attribute it to eating too much money, those who deny their efforts are cut in stone in gaziantep. i think the municipality is good.


in one of his interviews, i read that he was a best friend with deniz traveller during his youth. they were staying in the same house back then...


whoever the mayoral candidacy benefits the most, the political person who is the candidate of that party... think about it, who does it...


the marketer who sold the african player he bought for 100 thousand dollars to china for 400 thousand dollars a few days after he bought it.


as of now on imc tv: "this land is not so barren that the call for a new life in this society of 70 million cannot receive 5 million votes"


the mayor, who does not rant before the election because he knows what can be done and what cannot be done, does not offer projects such as "7 wonders for gaziantep" to his people and ultimately loses. however, if he had said, "i will erect 50-meter statues of ibo on the road to urfa and sabanci on the road to adana", he might have had a chance to win. (bkz: if you eat)


the great president who brought rome to gaziantep in his time. the city has been in a rapid downtrend since he left.


it is impossible to deny the good things he has done for gaziantep (cleaning up alleben and the large parkland around it), but let's not forget that he surrounded the city with malls like an american city.. the claim that he is "honest" is a bit of a stretch..