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according to what the citizenship teacher said, the salaries of the civil servants were increased by 50% with the money this man dipped (see: i am the liar of those who said it)


we do not like him very much, but he brought us ntv. we thank him. it's also good that he sold it, we can still say that we are watching 1 channel like a man. edit: this entry was made for 2005 ntv.


world freestyle eater champion. it is debatable whether he can contribute to the chp at his advanced age, but there is also a need for veteran eaters who will act as a brother to young people in the squad.


your age has come. in fact, life has offered you "one more opportunity" by going; fortunately, you have the opportunity to be with the right people at the right time. for you, maybe a tv channel of very small financial value would set the direction for the future of the country, open the horizon for the youth, and carry its name to the future. moreover, it is obvious that the ship is taking on water and the rats are jumping into the water. and... you pushed it away with the back of your hand. what can we say, it's worthy.


in one of the tales, he is the wolf to whom the lamb was entrusted, and he ate these lambs with pleasure when he was hungry. while asking why did you eat these lambs, someone also became a shepherd for the flock, okay? (see: secretary of state in charge of the treasury)


this man is interesting for children who spent their summers in kurşunlu or kumsaz* at that time. he was loved for having a helicopter, because he had the opportunity to see helicopters up close, but the site he owned was a border between sandy and leaden. it was a border that should not be crossed, set by parents when cycling. that's why he wasn't liked. for children of that age, this man has such a ridiculous place in their childhood, regardless of who he is.