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the brand that looks like a gallic name.


a magnificent toaster produced by a konya company that generally produces industrial products. after researching the toaster for a while, i decided on it. i have been using it for two years with pleasure. get it get it


it's been at least two years, i'm sure of it. but i didn't count too much. i ate great toasts, it seems a little difficult to clean, but other than that, excellent toasts are easy on your stomach thanks to the heat distribution and weight. really good.


as stated on web pages, it is a konya-based company that manufactures "a world's first, organic toaster with gray cast iron plate".


if i didn't know it was a local product, i could swear it was german or japanese.*


after a long research, i bought this brand's toaster. donanımhaber is also highly praised for this device, the photos on the web were of very bad quality. when it arrived, i observed that it was better than the photographs. when it arrived, i observed that it was better than the photographs. .i highly recommend it for this price, there is nothing better. the only handicap is the tables that cannot be removed, and i spread the contamination for a long time by using greaseproof paper..


conglomerate firm. i bought and tried the highly praised toaster. indeed it makes better toasts than machines with teflon/granite surfaces. but it is difficult to clean, which takes 1-2 minutes each time with a wire brush and wet cloth, unlike conventional teflon toasters. however, this is not an intolerable situation, i think it is bearable to eat good toast... in summary; toasters are recommended.

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