cassette of the state garden

cassette of the state garden

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contrary to the rumors, i think it's the tape that doesn't exist. i think there is a single work in which the microphone is held in the right hand.


or -if any- if someone else has the tape and they said break the alliance? addition: after the tarsus excavation, it always seems to me that the second most mysterious event in the history of the country is for this tape. (see: ziraat bankasi balgat branch robbery)


the tape i now fully believe exists. at first i thought it wasn't that bad, but now i'm sure. seeing the whole country, the man deliberately threw it into the fires for a tape, on the other side i have both my hands on his lapel.


this is the tape that i haven't watched, but the spoiler data is floating around the internet: --- spoiler --- driver. --- spoiler --- an additional statistic: 84.6% of drivers are male.


i think the tape that akp kept in his hands as a threat, i think the above sentence explained the reason for the garden's attitudes


the file name is said to be avseq01.dat.


(see: coming soon) is the tape that evokes the feeling. might be on cd too, year 2018.


it is an urban legend that cannot be defended with the logic that it does not exist if it is not disclosed, as the reason for not being disclosed may be that the man does whatever he is told. there are many assumptions, such as there are men, women, children.

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