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casper excalibur

Just like cell phones, laptops are entirely manufactured in China. The same products can be easily found on AliExpress, however, this does not necessarily indicate the quality of the product. I had a friend who purchased a laptop from AliExpress and had to return it after only two months due to a motherboard failure. However, other people's experiences may be much smoother.


casper excalibur

If I had purchased a computer based on the advertisement, I would not have chosen this model. The advertisement made the game appear too rigid.


casper excalibur

computer series that I do not use and do not plan to use.

I've been reviewing gaming laptops on Hepsiburada for about 1 month, this company has added so many models that navigating through the pages has become a hassle.

As of now, there are 2182 different laptops on Hepsiburada, this number is double the sum of the models of all other companies.


casper excalibur

It is widely known that Casper is only a "cute ghost". Computer, notebook, tablet, or phone cases are not. Good luck with the caps.