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carlo ancelotti

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all football fans will have an orgasm if they meet arsenal in cl and fuck it. fuck you denier, real doesn't need you. even wisdom karaman will make the second half with atlético madrid with that squad.


technical man who should not come to the country. if he comes, especially ercan taner, the "ancoletti" pronunciation of other announcers will scratch our ears. (see guardialo)


the chief who refused to receive his 17.6 million euro compensation after he was fired by bayern. the man said that i did not deserve it, there are such things in football.. edit: the possibility of the news being fake has gained weight. no german source confirmed, did not give the same news.


the person who needs to research what his mother did in his time instead of investigating what he was doing in the people's room. no italian coach would give the trophy to his opponent in a final where he finished the first half 3-0 ahead. for example, you can start with a dna test.


ancelotti: we weren't going to send that mesut, zidane. zidane: your mk me.